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More people now fear running out of money in retirement over dying. That fear is understandable when you think about our lack of savings, limited planning and worries about social security.

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Stretch Your Dollar

Actionable Retirement Advice & Takeaways

Derek specializes in making complex financial topics and strategies simple, fun and easy to understand.

  • Reviews various retirement challenges
  • Outline how to optimize social security income
  • Opportunities to reduce taxes
  • Will show how to implement strategies to potentially increase retirement income

See Derek In Action

Derek has appeared frequently on local news stations, has a Youtube Channel and has given numerous retirement talks at companies.

WFSB Interview

Impacts of Inflation

Derek and Mark discuss inflation numbers and how they impact the average person.

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Ask Derek Mazzarella CFP

Ask Derek

Derek answers financial questions from his audience.

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Derek & Keith Interview WTNH

Recession Risks

Keith and I discuss potential recession risks and interest rates.

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Stretch Your Dollar

Strech Your Dollar

Laura and I discuss various options to save for college

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What You Should Know About Divorce

Interview with Shell

Shell and I discuss what you should know about divorce.

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WFSB Interview

Midterm Elections

How will midterm elections impact the stock market

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